Yorkshire Rifle Association individual membership is only £10 per year. Subs are due by 1st May each year.

Membership is FREE if under 18, or up to age 18 if still in full-time education. You must be introduced and supervised by a person of responsibility over 18, eg. another YRA member, cadet unit or school.

Club affiliation is £20 per year.

Benefits of Individual Membership

  • Anyone eligible to represent Yorkshire and wishing to be selected for matches MUST be a paid-up member of the YRA.
  • County team members may receive subsidies on county matches if funds are sufficient.
  • If entering both the YRA Spring and Autumn Open Meetings, members of the YRA will pay reduced entry fees equivalent to the cost of membership subs.
  • YRA members who are also qualified for Yorkshire can enter the closed Yorkshire Championship at the Open Meetings.
  • To attend, vote and stand for election of officer at annual AGM.
  • To promote marksmanship and fullbore target rifle shooting in the Yorkshire region.

The YRA is NOT a primary club and if you are participating in the sport you should also be a member of an MOD approved club.

Those not eligible to represent Yorkshire but members of YRA affliated clubs are still welcome to become members of the YRA and receive benefits of membership less representative honours.

Yorkshire team members wishing to be selected for the English XX County Championship for the King George V Cup (KGV) must be members of the English XX Club – see the regional rep for details, or

YRA members who are also English XX members in the Yorkshire district will compete for county jewels at the Spring Open Meeting.


Some YRA merchandise is kept in stock and more will be ordered if there is demand. See the Hon. Treasurer for any purchases.

  • County team shoulder flashes

Shoulder flashes £3 per pair
9cm wide
Additional flashes with the word “TEAM” available at no extra cost
Available to all county team members

Team Blazer badge (black) £15
7cm x 9cm
Hand-stitched bullion wire embroidered with black felt background
Available to all county team members

YRA badge (blue) £10
9cm diameter
Machine stitched embroidered with blue felt background
Available to all YRA members

Bronze enamel YRA pin badge £1
2cm diameter
Available to anyone
(Gold and silver enamel badges are reserved for trophy winners only)