There are several major matches the Yorkshire team competes in over the season:

Early Season Matches

Friendly matches arranged on a yearly basis eg. training match arranged with another county team.

Purples Match
April at Bisley

Team of 8: 2 & 10 at 300, 500, 600 yards

Yorkshire team will participate in these matches depending on team availability, dates etc.

English County Championship for the King George V Cup (KGV)

Competition held under the rules of the English Twenty Club.
Regional Heat: (Northern Region) Held at a northern range in May/June.

Team of 8: 2 & 10 @ 300, 500, 600 yards (or equivalent).

County of Lancaster
Northumberland and Durham

The winner of each Regional Heat (six in total) compete in a final at Bisley at the start of the Imperial Meeting in July.

To be eligible for selection you must be a full member of the English Twenty Club and be eligible to represent England in the national Match.


Major team competition held at Bisley in June

R Jarvis
Individual competition: 2 & 7 @ 300, 500 and 600 yards

Lt Col H Jones Trophy
Team of 8: 1 & 10 @ 300, 500, 600 yards

Long Range Trophy
Team of 8: 2 & 15 @ 900 and 1000 yards

Aggregate Trophy
Aggregates of short and long range totals

Clive Amstein Memorial Trophy
Team of 4: 2 & 15 @ 300, 600, 900, 1000 yards
Competed for on the same weekend as the Inter-Counties.

County Championship Short Range

Held at Bisley during the Imperial Meeting

Team of 8: 1 & 10 @ 300, 600 yards.

County Championship Long Range

Held at Bisley during the Imperial Meeting

Team of 6: 2 & 10 @ 900, 1000 yards.

The county short and long range matches are normally held on the second Tuesday of the Bisley Imperial Meeting, long range first followed by short range.

Roses Match – Yorkshire v. County of Lancaster

Held alternately at Altcar and Brockholes in September

Team of 12: 2 & 15 @ 300, 600 yards (or equivalent).